2015 saw big growth in online shopping and with ecommerce expected to rise by 84.5% (2015-2020) as a percentage of total retail*, there is no question that this trend will continue. With this brings the need for eRetailers to have flexible packaging operations that help get your products out the door, and to your clients, in the best and most cost effective way. The BoxSizer is one addition to your packaging operation that can help achieve just that.

Top 10 benefits

Below is an overview of the top 10 benefits you will experience when using this multi-award winning machine.

  1. Reduces the volume of random packaged goods and excess packaging material for exceptional cost savings
  2. Uses and reduces standard RSC/HSC or FEFCO 0200/0201 boxes
  3. Improves package presentation through automation
  4. No need to rationalise your current box selection – use your existing standard boxes
  5. Allows you to maximise your labour usage
  6. Data to monitor and improve performance – the system will integrate into your warehouse management system
  7. Improve space utilisation – more boxes per pallet and per lorry
  8. Overall increase in efficiency
  9. Reduces carbon emissions
  10. With the added checkweigher, the BoxSizer can automatically determine to ship via weight or volume

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Most of all, avoid those costly packaging mistakes

Over the last few months, I have noticed lots of packaging mishaps appearing in the headlines. The one that sticks in my mind the most is the 24 piece dinner set from Tesco delivered to the customer in 48 different boxes.

By using this random corrugated box-sizing machine as part of their packaging operation, Tesco could have reduced the amount of material used by making their process flexible enough to deal with products of all shapes and sizes.

Avoid the void and save up to 80%

Antalis Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging solutions to the eRetail sector, and as part of our product portfolio, we are proud to offer the BoxSizer machine. For more information, please call our packaging experts on 0370 241 1466.

*Source: Planet Retail