A high number of work-related injuries take place in the warehouse, and according to Koke Inc.most of those injuries come from slips and falls, lifting, pushing, pulling and reaching, material handling, and forklift accidents. But not only does automating processes create a more productive warehouse environment, it makes it a safer one too.

By taking the time to consider the best solution for your business’s needs, and investing in the right equipment to make sure your warehouse is a safe environment, you’ll be securing a lot more than just your business, but also protecting your most important asset – your people.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. It reduces manual handling
    Manual handling can cause people to suffer from work-related aches and pains in the warehouse and storage industry, and it’s usually lower-back or neck pain. To overcome this, think about all the work tasks that involve manual handling. You could redesign these tasks to avoid the need to move or package loads manually, or you can introduce packaging machinery and automated systems.
  2. It prevents people being injured by falling objects
    Automated storage and retrieval systems help maximise employee efficiency while minimising reaching, bending, or searching. The result is faster retrieval of products, increased picking accuracy and minimal strain on the operator.
  3. It’s more efficient
    Automating the most physically demanding and/or dangerous work in the warehouse drives processes to be more productive and efficient. It’s not reasonable to expect a worker to maintain the same pace of repetitive work as a robot for long periods of time. Automated machines can help keep up the pace and reduce stress for your employees.

A great example is the Lantech stretch wrapping machine, which helps protect your pallet and your work force. Introducing an automated or semi-automated stretch wrapping system reduces the level of labour intervention for each load, especially if you’re manually wrapping 10 or more loads per day. This can help you reduce labour costs and let staff focus on other areas of your business, as well as reduce the risk of injury due to manual wrapping.

Keeping your workers safe is just as important as maximising efficiency and productivity in the warehouse. The more automation, the safer the work environment becomes. And the safer the work environment, the happier and more productive your warehouse team is.

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