In a world where environmental concerns are high on the agenda, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact the goods they buy have on our planet. This puts increasing pressure on manufacturers and retailers to look at new ways to cut their carbon footprint and lessen the environmental impact of the items they produce, sell and transport.

For some time now, packaging has been under the environmental spotlight and regulations have been enforced to minimise things like packaging waste that have a big effect on the environment.

According to a recent article in Packaging Solutions Magazine, the packaging industry is becoming environmentally led and driven towards finding innovative solutions that answer the environmental needs of customers. One great example of this is the corrugated box industry which is leading the way in eco packaging solutions. These solutions are designed to address a number of the issues that lead to a high carbon footprint.

See below for the top 4 ways you can improve your environmental credentials with corrugate box packaging.

Efficient transportation

New developments in corrugate technology mean that lighter weight boxes can be produced without compromising the protective quality. For example, a single wall corrugate can now be produced with the same strength as a double wall. In our experience at Antalis Packaging, these smaller boxes can allow for 40% more boxes on a pallet.

Make better use of warehouse space

For the same reason as above, the lighter weight, smaller boxes, will also take up less space in your warehouse.

For more tips on optimising your warehouse space, please read The Ultimate Guide to Saving Warehouse Storage Space.

Reduce waste

Boxes are now made in a way that aid reuse and recycling. In the UK, around 80% of boxes are recycled and 75% of new boxes are made from recycled materials.

Encourage carbon offsetting

Antalis Packaging has a range of Eco Boxes that offer all of the above benefits, and better still, they are also 100% carbon neutral. This means that for every 1.5tons of boxes sold, we plant 4 trees in our forest to offset the carbon produced.

For more information on our Eco-Range Boxes please visit our website.