Black Friday and Christmas are major retails events in the UK, and with online sales growth at 16% already in 2015, we expect this year to be even busier. From our experience working in partnership with online retailers to deliver a successful festive period, we have identified some top tips to help prepare your packaging operations for Black Friday and Christmas.

According to Forbes Magazine, Black Friday 2015 alone is expected to lead to the UK’s first £1bn online shopping day. This expected surge in sales will lead to an increase in the amount of deliveries required during the period. To make sure you continue to get orders out the doors and to the homes of your customers, it is important that your packaging process is flexible and fully optimised.

For a number of months retailers and logistics companies have been putting their plans in place. In the summer, you may have seen an article in Logistics Manager announcing the appointment of Mark Horrobin by Yodel as Peak Programme Director, who has been recruited to oversee the planning and execution of the Christmas peak 2015.

If your plans aren’t already in place, then there’s no need to worry. Here are some top tips that have proven effective for our clients over the years, as they prepare their packaging for the Black Friday and Christmas peak.

  1. Flexible product deliveries
    Opt to work with a packaging supplier that can respond quickly to your needs and supply packaging for when you need it. At Antalis Packaging we offer next day delivery on orders made before 6pm, as well as same day deliveries for your required products, organised in advance.

  1. Sufficient stock holding
    Make sure you have sufficient stock to get you through the festive period. If you don’t have the space in your warehouse to hold the required stock, then your packaging supplier should be able to help. Antalis Packaging can hold stock on your behalf and we have a comprehensive stock range available to handle sudden and new requirements.
  2. Advanced planning
    The key is to prepare your packaging operation for Black Friday and Christmas in advance, ensuring your process is as flexible as possible. Our dedicated team are here to support your advanced planning to ensure you have the right process, materials, and systems in place to deliver a successful Black Friday and Christmas period.
  3. Understand supplier shut down periods
    As part of your planning process it is important to know when your packaging supplier shuts down. As a result you can make sure you have the required packaging solutions to see you through. If arranged in advance, our accounts team can be available to meet urgent requirements during shut down, such as the weekend following Black Friday.
  4. Establish good supplier relationships
    Work with a Packaging Partner that you have a good relationship with and that you trust. If you are working with a reasonably new partner make sure that you spend time with your Account Manager now to build your relationship and ensure they understand your business needs.

Every business has different needs when it comes to Black Friday and Christmas, and the growth of online shopping continues to change the way we do business in the UK. By following these simple tips, you can increase your success during the UK’s largest shopping period. Should you require any support, Antalis Packaging is here to provide a stress free approach for the supply of bespoke packagingsystems, and standard off the shelf packaging.