Pleasing today’s customer is key to protecting your brand’s reputation. It’s crucial that your business gets positive feedback, so you get repeat customers who are happy to have bought from you. But this doesn’t stop at the quality of the items alone; the quality of the packaging those purchases arrive in and the speed of delivery are also really important factors. It would be a shame if you sent out an item in perfect condition to a customer, only for it to be ruined in transit, misplaced, or tampered with.

You can reassure your customers that you’ll look after their purchases from warehouse to front door with these 5 steps:

  1. Protective packaging
    Ensuring your packages are strong enough to withstand elements in the warehouse that can cause damage is really important. Conditions can get damp and dusty, and so the right materials can prevent your packages becoming weakened, and reduce the likelihood of damaged and rejected items.It’s also a pretty good idea to get branded, customised packaging that looks appealing to the customer and promotes your business. This can be done with materials like bespoke printed tape for sealing your boxes.
  1. Speeding up your packaging
    The faster you can deliver to your customers, the happier they’ll be. It’s a no brainer. And there’s so many ways you can speed up your packaging process. From volume, to consistency, to workflow.Introducing or optimising automation is one of the most popular ways to get this done. For example, automated and semi-automated case erectors can really speed up the erection and sealing of a wide variety of cartons, boxes and cases. Combine this was automated strapping machines to reduce the time it takes to secure packages and boxes for shipping, and you’ve got yourselves a speedy process going.
  1. Environmental packaging solutions
    The packaging industry is, like a lot of others, becoming more and more environmentally-lead. Customers are much more aware of the environmental impact of the goods they buy. This puts pressure on manufacturers and retailers to find new ways to cut their carbon footprint and be kinder on the environment with what they produce, sell and transport.Transporting goods more efficiently, making better use of warehouse space, and cutting down waste are just some things you can do to tackle this. Along with eco-friendly boxes which are enhanced with heavy duty, single wall corrugate, but are also 100% carbon neutral. In fact, every 1.5 tons of boxes sold, 4 trees are planted.
  1. Security in transit
    Once packaged, your items must remain safe and secure from the warehouse, all the way to the customer. For theft protection, a tamper-evident design on box sealings will help keep contents safe and secure.Cushioning materials will help to protect your products from shocks, vibration, drops, tipping, and compression. Void fill can also be used to stop your items from moving around inside their packaging. Or, you could use bespoke designed cartons that fit snugly around them. To read more on security in transit, see our top 5 tips.
  1. Building consumer trust
    Online retail has grown by a huge amount over the last few years, and one of the best ways to ensure your customers can trust you’ll deliver their packages safely and on time is with customer reviews.With websites such as Yelp often being the first place people look to see if a business has any bad reviews, it’s crucial you can build that trust. After all, social influence is a massive contributor to purchasing decisions. The better the reviews, the more likely someone else will feel comfortable and confident buying from your business.

Following these 5 steps will help you achieve high levels of customer satisfaction to ensure your business thrives, and will ensure your brand gets recognised as a successful, trustworthy one. To learn more about how to please today’s consumer, take a look at The Future of Packaging Report.