Concerns about the environment continue to grow

With the magnifying glass firmly on packaging and plastics, it’s even more important to take some action. But with lots of different opinions and stand points in the media, it can be hard to see the wood through the trees and get the right solution for your business, whilst minimising your impact on the environment. This is why our packaging experts have identified 5 tops tips to give you some clarity on how to reduce your impact.

1. Choose to carbon offset your packaging

If you do one thing to give back to the environment, choose to carbon offset the packaging materials you use. Through our offsetting schemes you can ‘cancel out’ the carbon emissions created by the manufacture and delivery of all packaging material types you buy from us, even plastics. What’s more, they’re offset right to your door. It’s achieved through the purchase of ‘carbon credits’ from our partners for projects that lower or remove emission from the atmosphere, such as reforestation.

2. Explore bespoke solutions

When it comes to sustainability, a bespoke solution offers many benefits over standard packaging materials. It allows you to create a packaging solution that perfectly fits your product and your operation; using the right materials, pack designs and sizes to make sure your impact on the environment is reduced. Opting for a tailor-made solution also allows you to take on board the 3 R’s principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. If you’re unsure where to start, your South West packaging experts are here to build the perfect packaging solution to your sustainability challenges.

3. Choose eco-friendly materials

If bespoke packaging isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then there’s lots of environmentally friendly packaging solutions to choose from. Look for products made from recycled material or those that are easily to recycle and have a lower carbon footprint to produce. There are also innovative material types coming on to the market that are made from sustainable and organic raw materials. We have a complete range of green packaging essentials to suit your needs and are exploring these innovative material types, so we can offer you the very best options for your business and the environment.

4. Improve the efficiency of your packaging processes

Every part of your packaging process releases carbon emissions in to the atmosphere, from the space it takes to store your packaging materials, to transporting your products. By optimising your packaging process you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Take pallets for example, re-engineering pack designs so more fit on a pallet = more pallets on a truck = less pallet movements. Your South West team are here to review your end-to-end process to find areas of improvement.

5. Use plastic, but use it well

Plastic still has a place in the packaging world. It’s durable, offers effective product protection and can be recycled through the right streams. The problems come when it’s overused and not managed correctly. As an example, using one box size for all products could lead to the overuse of plastic void fill. It’s important to have a look at where you are using plastic and how it can be used more effectively.

If you need some help reducing the impact your packaging has on the environment, your local packaging team is here to give you some guidance. They’re experts in creating sustainable packaging solutions and will work with you to select the best option for your business, your products and the environment.

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