If you’re not using the right packaging products and delivery method for your items, you could be wasting a lot of money. So what exactly could you change about your process to kickstart reducing packaging costs?

Here’s 6 of the most cost-effective solutions to drive down the cost of your packaging:

  1. Spending to save
    Seems like a bit of a paradox, doesn’t it? Spending less per box may well seem like a saving at first, but when you factor in the cost of employees building these boxes, it actually turns out to be much more. Self-erecting boxes increase productivity and reduce the time spent building each box, so the cost of labour is lessened.
  1. Automation
    It’s not just reducing the cost of packing individual items that can cut overall packaging costs; automation can also save you heaps of money. Introducing automation at the point where items are being batched and palletised makes for a faster, superior load containment. This increases the amount of correctly palletised loads, in turn reducing the amount of rejected items. And when you think about the cost of replacing incorrectly packed items, it makes for huge savings down the line.
  1. Reducing the volume of packaging
    Most logistics companies charge based on the cubic volume of packages. So, reducing the size of each individual package or even fractionally reducing the volume of each pallet could gain you huge savings over just a year.
  2. Cutting down in weight
    Introducing a different void fill material to reduce weight and volume of your packages could also reduce logistics costs. For example, custom fit foam that expands around the product to ensure safety. Or a hybrid cushioning system that reduces storage, material handling and maintenance costs.
  1. Custom-fit delivery boxes
    Using custom-fit delivery boxes instead of one-size-fits-all is another cost-effective solution. These boxes are perfectly tailored for each product. They get rid of the wasted space standard boxes cause by being too large for the product that’s being shipped, so you’re not only saving on packaging volume, but warehouse space too.
  2. Safety in transit
    Each product that gets damaged or broken in transit causes a huge headache in regards to your profit margins. Plus, it can also damage your reputation. If, for example, your need to cost-effectively strengthen fragile cartons, then something like a stretch-wrapping solution using reinforced film could deliver those cost savings whilst improving load integrity.

These solutions are partly why growing numbers of businesses are turning to external packaging process experts who can objectively evaluate their operation, from pick-and-pack to delivery. Making the right changes at these key points in your packaging process could save you hundreds of thousands in costs, as well as help to reduce complaints and protect your business’ reputation. Learn more by downloading this free whitepaper.