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From A to B and back again: packaging for returns

2020-06-25 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Antalis Packaging looks at how well designed and considered returns packaging can save businesses from the damaging impact of returning goods on business profits and the environment.

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Keeping essential pharmaceutical and healthcare products moving in times of high demand: 7 tips to overcoming packaging challenges

2020-06-08 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Moving pharma and healthcare products can involve a challenging packing and logistics process at the best of times, so the pressure on businesses in the current climate is intense. These challenges are being compounded by a combination of staff availability, the need to create a safe workplace, and fulfilling higher than usual demand. It would be easy for standards to begin to fall and costs to rise, but that’s something businesses cannot afford from either a financial or product safety perspective. Discover 7 tips to overcoming packaging challenges in these times of pressure.

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Managing changing demand for pharmaceutical and healthcare products: how to build a resilient and agile packaging operation

2020-06-08 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

The dramatic rise in demand for medicines and other healthcare products has put intense pressure on the supply chain. Businesses involved in the packing and distribution of these vital products have had to step their operations up a gear at a time when their own workforce is diminished. It has all the makings of a perfect storm and brings into sharp relief the importance of building a packaging operation that is both resilient and agile. Read our blog post to discover measures you can put in place to ensure your operation is best placed to flex in line with rises and falls in demand.

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How machinery can optimise your packaging process for the new reality

2020-05-15 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

These unprecedented times have created many new challenges for businesses as they face the new reality they find themselves in. Demand for certain products such as food and drink has grown rapidly, buying habits are changing, and businesses need to keep products moving out the doors, while at the same time ensuring their employees are well protected against infection. Keeping workers safe while demands are at an all-time high can be a challenge in itself, especially when measures such as social distancing, very rightly, need to be enforced. Learn how packaging machinery can help.

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How to optimise your cube for efficient transportation

2019-08-16 | Jason Poxon | 0 Comments

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Packaging efficiency: could automation provide the buffer businesses need during peak times?

2019-07-11 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

The growth of online retail is no longer ‘news’ but finding ways to cope with the peaks and troughs in demand continues to be a challenge for many retailers and logistics businesses. It’s a challenge that some might feel is compounded by the continued uncertainty around Brexit and how that may affect the availability of casual labour that is often relied upon to cope with packing work during busy periods.

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Pallet Stretch wrapping: Can automation or swapping stretch film provide cost and time savings?

2019-06-20 | Mick Carless | 0 Comments

Why automate your stretch wrapping process?

Well according to Mick Carless, Sales and Engineering Manager for the Antalis Packaging Machinery Division the answer is simple – cost and time savings.

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Rising Ecommerce Costs to Change Logistical Packaging, New Research Reveals

2019-01-29 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments
  • More than a fifth of logistics firms say dominance of online shopping will increase operational costs over the next two years
  • More than half admitted changing packaging in the last 12 months has benefitted their business

 As ecommerce continues to dominate the retail arena, new research has revealed that UK logistics firms are facing an unprecedented rise in operational costs over the next two years, which is set to have a knock on effect on their packaging needs.

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Automation and Eco-Friendly Packaging to Meet 2019 Challenges, Predicts Antalis

2019-01-08 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Amid predictions that 2019 is set to be a challenging time for many UK businesses, leading packaging solutions supplier Antalis has revealed that improving the impact that packaging and packing are having on warehouse operations and transport logistics, whilst adopting eco-friendly solutions will be the key trends in the year ahead.

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Get Ahead of the New Year’s Returners, Antalis Tells Retailers

2018-12-12 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

With a record number of unwanted Christmas gifts expected to be returned in the first week of January, Antalis Packaging is advising retailers to overhaul their returns processes as the simplest way to cut the crippling costs presented by rising numbers of New Year’s returners.

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