Amid the ongoing struggle to recruit enough seasonal staff over the Christmas period, Antalis is reminding businesses that machinery which speeds up the packing process can reduce the need for additional labour during the festive peak in demand.

It comes as latest figures reveal that almost half (43%) of labour providers admitted that they would not be able to supply enough seasonal staff to the food, manufacturing and distribution sectors, to help cope with the busiest time of the year for many – Christmas. And with ever-increasing sales around Black Friday and Cyber Mondays putting added pressure on Christmas delivery targets, Antalis is advising businesses to make the most of the latest advancements in packaging technologies to beat potential staff shortages over the festive period.

Martin Styler, Sales Director at Antalis Packaging, comments: “While the Christmas period is the most lucrative time of year for most businesses, one of the most pressing issues facing the food, e-commerce, and manufacturing sectors is the lack of availability of staff, which is having a real and detrimental impact on their ability to meet seasonal demand.

“As such, businesses should look at ways to reduce the need for significant jumps in staff recruitment at peak times – and packaging machinery is increasingly proving the answer for many. Whether its case erectors that take flat packed boxes and build them up, or pallet wrappers which minimise the amount of stretch film used, there are now several ways to help speed up the packing process and ultimately address the Christmas staff shortage. This approach can also save on valuable materials, warehouse space and labour – all of which will serve to boost the bottom-line.”


One such solution, for example, is the Neopost’s CVP-500, an automated packing system which builds, fills, folds and labels boxes around a product to its exact size, all in one seamless process, thus removing the need to add void-fill and savings on materials, time as well as minimising the number of man-hours required.

Martin adds: “Packaging technology has developed at such a rapid pace in recent years that automated machinery such as the Neopost’s CVP-500 system can go a long way in simplifying the packaging process, which will ultimately save on the need for additional labour in the run up to Christmas. For those unsure of where to start, help is at hand at our new Smart Packaging Centre, a state-of-the-art design lab in Leicestershire. Here, customers can visit and explore first-hand innovative ways to pack products, test out the latest machinery and sit down with our designers to create live samples in just a few hours.”

For more information on the Smart Packaging Centre call one of the Antalis Packaging experts on 0370 241 1466 or visit