Walkers Transport is a leading UK transport and third-party logistics specialist providing bespoke transport solutions to leading manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Walkers’ handles over 4000 pallets a day from its ‘super-hub’ in Leeds. During its journey a pallet can be handled, on average, up to 15 times, so the importance of correct pallet presentation, wrapping and banding are essential to ensure secure and accurate distribution across its logistics chain. Founded in 1979, it offers a complete solution for the daily management and delivery of palletised goods across the UK, Ireland and Europe by harnessing the power of the latest machinery and packaging technology to get customers’ goods from one location to another.


Walkers customers naturally expect a high quality service, so avoiding damaged or incorrectly wrapped pallets is a priority throughout the entire handling, loading and distribution process. However, Walkers were wrapping pallets manually, which was costly in both terms of time efficiency and potential human error. Also, pallets and goods from customers were arriving at Walkers already damaged in transit.


Walkers sought advice from packaging experts, Antalis Packaging, about the latest semi-automated pallet wrapping options available. Antalis has its own dedicated machinery division that employs six fully trained engineers plus two spare parts experts based in the UK to look after customers after sale requirements.

Chris, Burley, General Manager Warehouse and Storage of Walkers Transport, explains why Antalis Packaging was the supplier of choice; “We initially approached Antalis Packaging as a supplier for the latest pallet wrapping machines. We have subsequently purchased four semi-automatic high performance pallet wrappers directly from Antalis. This equipment has greatly reduced costly hand-wrapping of pallets and cut significantly the number of items being damaged – which has subsequently increased efficiency throughout the business.”

However, the benefits of using Antalis Packaging have been much more significant as Chris explains:

“As a business, Walkers is an expert on moving pallets; from discussions with Antalis’s team it became apparent that the Antalis Packaging team are true experts for all aspects of packaging, from boxes, boards, tapes, wrapping, bags and strapping to machines. Having a professional packaging company on board, advising on a variety of packaging aspects, has been invaluable. Antalis has recommended many other packaging solutions and items that we didn’t even know existed, but will certainly now use to improve the quality of all our packing. Ultimately, these changes will help Walkers to become more efficient in terms of time and cost savings, and to reduce waste and the potential of damaged items.”

ONGOING PARTNERSHIP – the relationship continues…

As a company, Walkers has a healthy – better than twice the average – damage ratio results (as reported by the APM) and, more importantly, they are not content to rest on their laurels.

Chris explains, “One of the issues we have faced as a business is with receiving damaged pallets and goods from our customers. We have very strict quality control policies in place and sometimes palletised consignments that are sent to us are already damaged and not suitable for further handling or distribution.”

In the future, Walkers will be collaboratively working with Antalis Packaging to offer advice to their customers to resolve these issues and give them direct solutions for their own packing and any difficulties they may be experiencing. “For us this is a win-win situation as it will not only reduce poor pallet presentation to Walkers, but also help our customers reduce their own levels of damage, returns and repacking. Antalis is ideally positioned to offer all packaging users direct solutions to their own individual packaging requirements, which has to be a great service for all involved.” said Chris.


With Antalis Packaging, Walkers has found a trusted packaging expert that can not only offer better solutions to them, but that also offers bespoke packaging solutions for their customers. This partnership has mutual benefits for all involved and is something Walkers transport is fully embracing in order to achieve their own ambition of exceeding customers’ expectations in the management and delivery of palletised freight throughout the UK and Europe.