We recently carried out some work for a UK-based DIY distribution company that was experiencing issues with its current pallet securing method. Switching to Semi-Automatic pallet wrapping not only removed their problems, it delivered many other benefits too.

When our team went in, the customer was using heat shrink to contain loads onto pallets. We found this method to be relatively time consuming for the operator and were concerned by the potential health and safety hazards it caused. Not only that, it was costly for the client and caused higher than necessary levels of waste.

By installing four new Lantech Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrappers in the warehouse, the client experienced five key benefits that are linked to this pallet securing method:

1. Wrap pallets faster
The new pallet wrapping machines allowed operatives to wrap pallets 70% faster.

2. Cost savings
The new method drove an overall cost saving of 60%.

3. Improve load containment
Wrapped pallets were found to be more secure compared to those that were contained via heat shrink.

4. Reduce waste
The pallet wrappers use the exact amount of material needed to secure the pallet effectively, which reduced consumable waste.

5. Improve health and safety
Health and safety implications caused by employees bending down and occasionally burning themselves with the pallet shrink gun were removed.

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