Foam cushioning is a complete packaging solution that reduces overall pack cost while ensuring the best possible packaging performance. Unlike other cushioning products, this made to measure solution can simultaneously decrease packaging time, minimise pack size, and reduce in-transit damage rates. These savings not only increase your bottom line, but right-size packages lead to lower freight costs and greater efficiency, resulting in a more sustainable global supply chain.

One such solution is the Instapak® foam cushioning system; a market leading cushioning solution designed to improve your packaging process in four core areas.

1. Damage Reduction

  • Foam cushions provide maximum protection with minimal packaging material, reducing in-transit damage rates
  • Foam expands to form custom protective cushions and consistent packs, guarding against product damage while relying less on operator knowledge
  • Less damage means less returns, scrapped products, and reworked products

Fulfilment Velocity

  • Foam continues to form after box is closed, reducing pack time, improving labour efficiency and increasing production throughput
  • On-demand packaging reduces floor space and shipments of inbound materials

 3. Cube Optimisation 

  • Foam cushioning expands on site ensuring the correct amount of material, eliminating excess packaging and providing right-sized packs every time
  • Smaller, lighter boxes with less packaging materials result in lower shipping costs

 4. Customer Experience 

  • Packages are delivered damage free in a sophisticated package that enhances product brands
  • Foam cushions present a clean, no-mess appearance
  • Packaging materials are reusable, and hold original performance characteristics when needed

Want to know more? Download Antalis Packaging’s brochure below for the complete range of Instapak® foam cushioning solutions.