When you think of packaging efficiency, you should be thinking of saving £££’s. The two go hand in hand, so if you want to cut your costs, you need to identify ways to improve your current set up. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make all the difference, and the most effective route may not always be the most obvious.

To get started on your journey to optimal packaging efficiency, simply follow these four steps:

1. Look at how your items are packed

Have a detailed look at your packaging process, right from when your items are picked to when they go out of the door. Are there any sticking points? Are some parts of your process taking longer than necessary? There are many options to make packing quicker and easier for your operatives, meaning they can pack more items in an hour. Take packaging machinery for example, a semi-automatic pallet wrapper is proven to improve wrapping speeds by 70%.

2. Find ways to optimise your warehouse

If you find you’re struggling for space, or you need a bigger warehouse, rationalising your packaging can help. Some of the latest developments in packaging materials and systems offer you space saving alternatives to traditional packaging products. For example, one roll of uninflated air cushion film is the equivalent of storing 11 bulky rolls of bubble wrap requiring 37 square feet. For extra space saving, ask your packaging supplier about stock holding. You may even find you can downsize your warehouse

3. Be well prepared for spikes in demand

Black Friday is fast becoming the greatest peak in the retail calendar and is predicated to outperform Christmas sales this year alone. It is essential to be well prepared for predicted and even unpredicted spikes so you can successfully meet demand. Your packaging can have an incredible impact on optimising efficiency ahead of any retail rush. For example, reorganising your packing area for easier access or reducing your packaging materials in order to free up more warehouse space, can make a huge difference in terms of reducing waste, speeding up the packing process and reducing lead-times.

4. Monitor your damage and loss rates 

Damage and loss of products is something that can be avoided if the right packaging solution is used. But, when not addressed it can cause your costs to creep up because replacement products need to be sent. Take a look at your damage/loss rates and continue to monitor them. If you think they are high, or you see them rising, it’s worth taking a look at your packaging. Something as simple as using a custom printed tape can prevent people tampering with the contents.

At Antalis Packaging, our experts can help you create a bespoke plan to achieve packaging efficiency. To get started, request your free packaging assessment via the link below. Our experts will audit your process using the four steps above, and more, to identify where you can make improvements.