These unprecedented times have created many new challenges for businesses as they face the new reality they find themselves in. Demand for certain products such as food and drink has grown rapidly, buying habits are changing, and businesses need to keep products moving out the doors, while at the same time ensuring their employees are well protected against infection. Keeping workers safe while demands are at an all-time high can be a challenge in itself, especially when measures such as social distancing, very rightly, need to be enforced.

The ‘2 metre’ social distancing rule alone is influencing business processes and production environments. Due to restrictions on space for workers to safely operate in, production capacity is reduced which makes it difficult for demand to be met. In fact, some production lines have been shut down completely.

This new reality is forcing us to look at alternative ways of operating, with the optimisation of safety and efficiency in production and packaging processes being key. One way that both of these requirements can be ticked off is with packaging machinery.

Here’s some machinery solutions to consider:

1. Lantech ProfitPack

This solution can automatically erect up to 600 cases per hour. The formed cases then wait at a fixed position where your products arrive simultaneously. The operator packs your products safely, and with a simple button press, releases the case. Finally the top of the case will be automatically closed and sealed, while the operator is already filling the next case with products. In this way one single operator can form, fill and close up to 4800 cases per 8 hour shift. This is not only quicker than manual packing, it’s safer too.

The equipment is of course fully safe. There is a safe distance between this one operator and other packers. The ProfitPack is also easy to work with. The blank magazine can be filled ergonomically. The height of the product belt can be adjusted based on the length of the operator. All cases are erected with square angles, which results in a further 30% more stable palletised load of the cases, minimising product damage during transport.

See ProfitPack in action here

2. Lantech Pallet Wrappers

Available in semi- and fully-automatic options, pallet wrappers automatically wrap a load with film ready for transit. With speeds of up to 180 pallets per hour, these machines are more efficient compared to hand wrapping and also improve load stability, optimise stretch film usage and save the pounds. Some machines can wrap the same number of loads in an hour as three people. In fact, a DIY distribution company we work with was able to wrap pallets 70% quicker, cut costs by 60% and improve health and safety after introducing 4 Lantech Stretch Wrappers.

The quicker wrapper times make it more achievable to manage high levels of demand with less people working at one time.

See a pallet wrapper in action here

3.Case Erectors

Case erectors automatically build a flat packed box ready for the contents to be added. Different options are available with production speeds ranging from 10-22 cartons per minute which is the same, if not more, than three people can do in the same time. Not only is the process faster, safer and more productive than manually formed cartons, it also offers consistent package quality and reduces waste. Additional equipment can be added to place the item on the box, close and seal it ready for delivery.

See a case erector in action here

There are also many other machinery solutions available to help you optimise the safety and efficiency of your process, such as case sealers, automated packing systems and cushioning and void-fill systems. We have good availability across our range of machines and can get you up and running quickly so you can start seeing the benefits.

 If you’d like some advice on how packaging machinery can make your process safer and more efficient, we have a dedicated machinery team who are here to help. With over 25 years’ of experience in the industry, our machinery experts can recommend, design and install the best machinery solution to solve your challenges.

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