More than 1.3 billion parcels are delivered to customers in the UK each year[1], and with the growth rate of e-commerce delivery volumes set to continue, packaging and logistics companies are facing ever increasing pressures to deliver more parcels, on time and in pristine condition.  With every parcel shipped, however, your company’s reputation is at stake, because customer experience is just as important in e-commerce as it is in-store.

How your brand and bottom line can be affected:

  1. Damage or delay in transit
    If an item arrives damaged or is delayed in transit, you will not only have to shoulder the expense of a replacement item, but the inconvenience for the customer could also impact negatively on your company’s reputation. This means that packaging is fast becoming an extension of your brand, not only aesthetically, but also in the way that it can protect you from damage to the product, brand reputation and ultimately, save money.
  2. Damage as a result of poor packaging
    Online retail is not the only area where packaging can make the difference between profit and loss. Every year in the UK, over 1.6 billion tonnes of freight are moved[2][3], but with every pallet or load shipped, inadequate packaging or incorrect palletisation could result in damaged products, financial losses or even the loss of a valued long-term customer. Yet, while every business will plan for a certain amount of attritional loss, some companies’ damaged product losses climb as high as 14% before they take action.

Things you should consider:

  1. Get the packaging solution right
    Whether you’re looking to protect your reputation or your bottom line, the challenge is to get your loss rate as low as possible while still using the minimum amount of packaging. Safe packaging needn’t mean oversized boxes and huge quantities of void fill. It’s about identifying the most appropriate solution for the task in hand. That might mean a different form of void fill, a different shaped carton or the introduction of automated stretch-wrapping and edge protectors for a more stable and secure palletised load.
  2. Find the right balance between efficiency, expenditure and effectiveness
    Identifying the right solution entails finding a balance between efficiency, expenditure and effectiveness. By tailoring your packaging to the specific needs of your business you can save money, ensure that each and every product shipped is protected and even create a unique brand experience for the end-customer when they receive their product. Packaging can protect far more than a product.

Antalis Packaging is experienced in helping clients to identify the right packaging solutions for their business, ensuring products arrive to customers in perfect condition. And in turn protecting the brand and eliminating unnecessary costs.

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