Most mornings I like to have a quick browse over the latest headlines, and last Monday was no exception. Skimming through the latest news on the Mail Online, a certain article caught my eye involving a packaging mishap and a 24-piece dinner set. Working in the packaging industry, I often get stopped in my tracks when I see a ‘packaging’ headline. Reading through the article I could see there were some steps that could be taken to avoid this packaging mistake in the future.

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Couple received dinner set in 48 different boxes

A couple from Greater Manchester were shocked when they received a 24-piece dinner set in 48 different boxes, only to find that 5 items were broken. Mother-of-two Joanne Murphy was quoted as saying the delivery process was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘laughable’. She was also unhappy with the £50 delivery charge and the 14 day wait for the items.

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What are the implications of this packaging blunder?

  • High cost
  • Time to pack
  • Environmental impact
  • Poor customer experience
  • Paper is more of a void fill product and on its own may not provide adequate cushioning and protection of products
  • Packing one item per box means it can move around and easily get broken

What you should do differently to avoid this packaging mistake?

  • Wrap each product individually in a cushioning product such as Fillpak Stitched Pad, Bubblewrap, Foam or Geami WrapPak (Subject to pack analysis)
  • Pack more items in a box, using some form of space dividers that incorporate cushioning
  • Use a void fill such as the Fillpak Paper to fill the gaps left in the box

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