What makes great eRetail packaging?

Great eRetail packaging is something that adds to the customer experience, right from initial contact to the item getting into the customer’s hands. But unfortunately, packaging seldom gets the attention it deserves and is often taken for granted.

Getting this part wrong can have costly consequences, as the customer won’t know if their item has been tampered with, or may not even get their item due to loss or damage in transit. Reports say that 50% of consumers are likely to refuse delivery if the outer packaging is damaged or poor quality.

In today’s heavily consumer-driven world, your brand’s reputation can suffer if your packaging doesn’t come up to scratch. You might want to think about making it easily recyclable and eco-friendly, or even branded for the customer’s peace of mind.

There’s no hiding from it: bad packaging is a huge contributor to business cost. So what can you do to improve the security and overall look of your packaging for your customers?

Working with packaging consultants who specialise in bespoke designs is one option. You can get an evaluation of your current packaging and systems, resulting in recommendations on where you can improve.

Once you know where you’re going wrong, you can find loads of packaging materials and machinery to suit your specific needs.

Here’s a few innovative and customisable solutions we’d recommend you consider:

  1. eRetail packaging is a really strong marketing tool. Studies have shown that 33% of customers think of a business as unprofessional when they receive packaging that’s poor, damaged, or even boring. Bespoke watermarking can help with this dilemma. Introducing branding to promote your business during transit makes the package more appealing and reassures the customer of your legitimacy. Something like personalised printed tape will do the job, and also helps secure your packages. It can even include bespoke prints for theft protection, or include a tamper-evident design to help keep contents safe and secure.  It’s the quick, easy, and cost-effective way to get your message across and give customers peace of mind.
  2. Geami WrapPak® is another handy solution providing an eco-friendly, fast, and cost effective alternative to bubble wrap. It uses recyclable materials that are as effective as plastic bubble wrap, while also being more visually appealing. This kind of packaging pleases the eco-conscious customer base of today’s consumer world, as well as helping their items arrive in a nicely presented manner.
  3. Protective packaging such as cushioning materials help protect packages that are subjected to stress from shocks, vibration, drops, tipping and compression. Void fill can be put into packages to prevent items from moving about during transit – for example, stuffing paper, air cushions, packing foam or loose fill. Alternatively, you can get bespoke designed cartons that fit snugly around whatever’s inside to get the same effect, but using less materials.
  4. Introducing fully or semi-automated systems to your warehouse can not only help wrap pallets fast and free up warehouse space, but they can also ensure the products are packaged and sent on their way in a consistent and secure way when compared to hand wrapping. For example, a stretch wrapper is a fast, reliable way to secure pallets ready for transportation, and also reduces workload compared to manual dispensers.

All these packaging solutions can be tailored to your needs to help your eRetail business ensure your customers are happy to buy from you again. It’ll also save you lots of money on returns from losses and damages. Want to learn more? Find out how you can save significant packaging costs with this free whitepaper.