E-Retailers are constantly struggling to stand out in the growing clutter of online web shops. Furthermore, in a world of social sharing, the need to create an experience that exceeds customer expectations is a given. So how do you achieve this?

The key is to focus on the unboxing experience. This is the moment of truth where online retailers have a true touch point with their customers. It’s therefore an ideal opportunity to “wow” them from the minute they receive their package. You may have seen funny characters on YouTube unpacking a wide variety of products ordered online like electronics, fashion, toys etc. with no shame or subtlety with regards to their opinion on the packaging: With 58% of online shoppers now convinced to buy a product after looking up images and unboxing videos on social media, this is yet another incentive to make unboxing a positive brand experience for your customers.

So, how do you create an optimal unboxing experience?

This might be easier than you think! It all starts with the first thing you see when receiving and opening the box: the box itself and the packaging material used inside the box. One such packaging solution is Geami WrapPak

How will Geami WrapPak help?

Geami WrapPak offers a marvelous solution for creating the ultimate unboxing experience.

See the Geami unboxing experience in action:

This wrapping product is the combination of a patented die cut kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The converter expands the die cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique wrapping product.

Geami WrapPak is the ideal packaging solution for different industries for different reasons.


Geami WrapPak offers optimal protection for your fragile goods and minimises your damage rates, leading to maximum customer satisfaction.


With Geami WrapPak you can create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Surprise them with their purchased items packaged like real gifts by choosing different color combinations. Your customers will feel highly valued.


If your warehouse operations are highly dynamic, it is important to wrap products quickly and flexibly. With Geami WrapPak, you can easily tackle seasonal peaks and create an easy to use packaging solution.


Geami WrapPak offers a perfect way to communicate your sustainability focus and offer a green solution. As it is made out of paper, it is recyclable and friendly for the environment.

The ultimate unboxing experience

Overall, when wrapping your products with Geami WrapPak you will not only create an exciting unboxing experience for your customers, you will also “wow” them with the optimal protection, gift-like presentation, easy unwrapping and easy recycling offered by this innovative system

Geami WrapPak is available in two colours of die-cut paper and multiple colours of interleaf. Furthermore, in terms of converters Antalis Packaging offers electronic solutions for higher volume packaging activity as well as manual solutions for lower volume packaging.

If you’d like to discuss a creative packaging solutions to “WOW” your customers, contact Antalis Packaging via the link below.