If you have ever had any doubts about the influence packaging can have on customer experience, then a study by Packaging Innovations revealed some results that you might find quite astonishing.

The study showed that not only does higher quality packaging increase the perceived value of the product inside, but it can even affect our perception of how a product smells or tastes.

The research discovered that packaging influenced people to such an extent that test participants thought perfume smelled 60% nicer and wine tasted 53% better compared to identical products in lower quality packaging.  59% also said that they would be more likely to buy an inferior product in good packaging than a good product in inferior packaging.  That is very powerful information. Read more about this research on Packaging News.

But while companies are focusing all their efforts on primary and secondary packaging, they can sometimes forget that transit packaging is playing an increasingly important role in customer experience.  Read on to discover how transit packaging can enhance customer experience and give your brand a much-needed boost.

Is your transit packaging letting you down? 

You may well be wondering how transit packaging is important in enhancing customer experience.  Well, that will be down to e-commerce.  As more and more of us are opting for the convenience of shopping online, we lose the experience of going into a shop which, certainly in the case of higher-end goods, will have been designed with great care to reflect the quality of the brand (or brands) on sale.  From the sign outside the shop, to the shop window, instore displays, and finally the shopping bag into which your new purchase is carefully packed and handed to you.  Every element is designed to create an enticing, and sometimes exciting, customer experience created to help us part with our hard-earned cash.

While many retail brands have done an excellent job of recreating some elements of the thrill of the purchase on their websites, through branding, imagery and text, some of the magic can be lost if their customer’s eagerly-anticipated parcel arrives in a brown cardboard box that might be indistinguishable from the outer carton of a twelve-pack of bleach bottles.

Consider every aspect of a customer’s online retail journey

To ensure the customers experience with your brand when shopping online is able to match the experience they would have if they were to purchase in a shop, consider every aspect of their online retail journey.  It’s not just how easy your website might be to navigate, the price of the goods, and whether you have enough items in stock, but how that purchase will arrive in the home.  Will the first thing they see of your brand be the primary packaging after they have already waded through a bog-standard cardboard box and some bubble wrap? Or will it be a high quality, bespoke-printed, beautifully branded transit carton that builds promise and expectation of wondrous things inside?

Five ways transit packaging can enhance customer experience

From new technologies to new ways of using time-tested traditional packaging, here are some ideas that you could use to make the most of your transit packaging and create a much-improved customer experience.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

While still in its relative infancy, and after a stuttering start, it is likely we will start to see AR used more and more to encourage consumers interact more closely with brands. Requiring no more than a Smart Phone App, AR enables an opportunity to create memorable online interactions between your brand and your customers.

  1. Match your transit packaging with your primary packaging

Don’t hide your brand light under a bushel. High-quality digital print processes mean that branding your standard transit packaging to match what’s inside is completely feasible.

  1. Integrated messaging

Advances in digital print technology mean that short, seasonal or personalised print runs are easily achievable for all your collateral.  So you can now integrate campaign messages across all your customer touchpoints, in-store, on line and on packaging.

  1. Bespoke pack designs

Creating transit packaging tailored to fit perfectly around your product can really enhance the customer experience. Not only will it look better than using standard off-the-shelf packaging, it will also reduce the amount of waste your customer has to deal with and save you money in storage of unnecessary void fill and delivery costs.

  1. Ensure your transit packaging makes for a simple returns process

Don’t leave your customers looking for the parcel tape if they need to send an item back. Adding tear strips and re-sealable tape strips to your packaging will make for a clean, simple and effective returns process and keep customers happy.