Okay so I am a complete traitor. There I was just a couple of weeks ago talking about how fabulous bubble wrap is and all the time I was having a secret romance with another product. My relationship with Geami WrapPak by Ranpak at that stage was in its infancy, but since then my love for this innovative packaging solution has grown.

You have to allow time for these things to wooooo you – you have to be sure that you are not just caught up in physical attraction and that you are sure that you are introducing something good into the family – ok so maybe I am taking this romance thing a little too far….but when you are a Product Manager (PM) you do have to be so careful about the decisions you make.

It is very easy to say “yes” to every product the manufacturers bring to you. Being a leading global distributor of paper and packaging (among other things) means that Antalis are high on the list of desirable distributors for new packaging products – and although WrapPak has been available in the USA for many years, and has been a very successful product over there, we still have to assess every opportunity with caution.

For me as the PM I am thinking about everything from investment, to space, marketing to training. Of course presenting your case for investment becomes a lot simpler when you are able to advise your stakeholders that during the market research phase your Key Account Manager has placed multiple systems into probably the most famous brand in the world! Unfortunately I cannot name them but take my word for it – everybody would love to be able to put them up on their “this is who we work with” slide on their corporate presentation.

How does the Geami WrapPak work?

Let me show you some images of the product before I tell you a bit more about the product introduction process:

Above is the machine which converts the Kraft paper and Tissue paper into the wrapping material you see below:

What are the benefits of choosing the Geami WrapPak?

It is so aesthetically pleasing it can even be used for gift wrapping

So we know market research scored a big tick, but there are many other benefits to this innovative product.

  1. Space – space is expensive – we all know that, so not only are we interested in products that will require minimal space in our own warehouses, but this is a really big consideration when it comes to our customers. So, apologies that this isn’t the greatest photograph in the world, but can you see that little pallet down on the left? It provides the same amount of wrapping material as the entire bubble wrap on the right!Space saving – another big tick!

  1. What about training? Well we have worked with our partners at Ranpak to conduct training sessions across the country to ensure that every member of the internal and external packaging team is fully trained in the use and selling points of WrapPak – so wherever a customer may be we have locally trained staff ready to conduct demonstrations for our new and existing customers.
  2. Investment? Well that’s not really an issue when you have a water tight business case, is it? I don’t think they come much tighter than this when it comes to a product launch.

Oh goodness, I nearly forgot the icing on the cake…..

I think you really need to see it in action:

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you are interested in discussing Geami WrapPak further please do get in touch.

I will finish where I started….. THAT’S A WRAP!