Wrong…Cardboard packaging boxes are seen as one of the most effective forms of protective packaging, but I come across many companies that fail to see the possibilities offered by the nation’s favourite packaging product. This may be to increase productivity, reduce costs or even create the WOW factor that sets yourself apart from your competitors.

The type of packaging box design you choose should reflect your product and what you want to achieve. These are the key points I try to understand when creating a new box solution for a customer.

To help you get started, here are the top 5 areas where reviewing your packaging boxes could benefit your business.

  1. Time and cost savings

Boxes such as the crash lock bottom and pop-up are easier to assemble when compared to a standard corrugated box. They improve staff productivity by speeding up packing times and reduce the cost to pack each product. To find our more read our blog – How changing your box could reduce costs by 5%.

  1. Presentation and disposal

Packaging boxes that are easy for the end user to open and dispose of can improve customer satisfaction. There are lots of ways this can be achieved, from boxes with easy open tear strips to crash lock bottom boxes that fold flat ready for disposal.

  1. Achieve uniformed packing

I recently visited a customer who was using a standard box and tape to seal. Some packers were using one strip of tape, with others using 3. The packaging was inconsistent so when problems surfaced, or complaints were received, it was difficult to identify the root cause. Not to mention the additional costs being incurred by overusing tape. By introducing a self-seal and self-erect box, the customer instantly saw improvements in consistency.

  1. Increase security of packages

If you experience high levels of pilferage, reviewing your box could be the solution. Options are available to prevent people getting their hands through the bottom of a box to steal the contents. Special tags can also be used for added security.

  1. Create the WOW factor

With new corrugate technologies introduced year after year, it’s never been easier to create that WOW factor using a cardboard packaging box. The possibilities are endless, from custom and digital print, to augmented reality or a complete bespoke box design. Read our blog – the packaging innovations you’ll see more of in 2017 – for some of our favourite ideas.

Which of these improvements would you like to see?

To discover the possibilities available to your business, request a free packaging audit below. We’ll review your current packaging and recommend a corrugated box solution to suit your needs.