Antalis Packaging is delighted to introduce the multi-award winning BoxSizer machine to its market leading range of packaging solutions for the eRetail sector. This intelligent machine is designed to randomly size a corrugated box to fit the contents. In turn reducing your need for void fill and allowing for savings of up to 80%.

BoxSizer is an amazing machine that allows you to resize boxes to suit the items being shipped; removing the reliance on void fill” explains Emma Horrocks, Commercial Executive at Antalis Packaging.

See the new corrugated box-sizing machine in action here

With ecommerce set to grow by 84.5% (2015-2020)* as a percentage of total retail, as an eRetailer you will experience increasing numbers of parcels being delivered in both B2B and B2C markets. With products of different shapes and sizes, it may be difficult to find a solution that offers the flexibility needed, whilst keeping your waste and cost low. This is where the new corrugated box-sizing machine comes in. By measuring the void, cutting and creasing the box, and then closing and sealing, the BoxSizer offers the ideal solution to this problem. At the same time reducing void fill usage and improving environmental credentials.

To find out more about the benefits of BoxSizer, please read our latest blog post ‘10 benefits of BoxSizer – the intelligent corrugated box-sizing machine’

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*Source: Planet Retail