As part of its strategy to offer clients the best, and most innovative, packaging solutions, Antalis Packaging has introduced a new range of inflatable packaging products designed to provide effective protection for fragile items.

“We are excited to launch this new range from Starpack award winner, AirPack. The inflatable packaging systems offer advanced product protection using multi-chamber bags that are inflated on demand by an air compressor. The advanced design moulds itself around the product, whilst the multi-chamber technology ensures that the bag holds its protective quality should one chamber puncture during transit.” explains Rebecca Staniforth, Marketing Manager, Antalis Packaging.

The systems are proven to speed up the packaging process, whilst reducing damages and returns. All bags are 100% recyclable and because they are flat until inflated, they can save up to 90% of your storage space.

Antalis Packaging offers the full inflatable packaging solution for a wide variety of products from wine and pharmaceuticals, to laptops and TV’s. The stock range is also complement by the ability to create bespoke bags to suit your product or packaging requirement.

For more information on our inflatable packaging solutions, please call 0370 241 1466 or view the range here.