Amid ongoing pressure to diversify their product offering, Antalis is urging dealers not to overlook the benefits to be had by cross-selling packaging to their existing customer base.

Encouraging dealers to make the most of this opportunity, Ian Whitcombe, Office Packaging Specialist at Antalis, comments: “As an industry founded on building solid, personable relationships with customers, dealers are well placed to expand the solutions they can offer. If, for example, you are already providing packaging to a customer – why not provide the required tape, void fill and associated products?

“By examining what products your customers regularly order, you should be able to easily identify what products would complement their order – and consequently increase your average order value. Taking packaging as an example, if a customer is purchasing staple items such as cardboard boxes or poly mailers, it is fair to assume they will require the means to seal and fill a package of some sort.”

Ian gives his top tips on the solutions dealers should consider:-

  • Parcel wrapping – environmentally friendly alternatives to bubble film.

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Geami WrapPak: an ingenious, eye-catching and eco-friendly wrapping solution. Combining patented die-cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf, the result is a 3D honeycomb structure which offers excellent surface protection.


Corrugated paper rolls: a lightweight 100% recycled paper, with smooth paper on one side and corrugated fluting on the other. The raised fluting offers cushioning and padding, while the smooth paper helps to reduce scratches on delicate surfaces – making it ideal for wrapping, packing and void filling.

  • Parcel void filling

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Air cushions: for those customers who regularly post a variety of different sized items in a standard-sized box, it may be they require help with their void fill. For small users, the Mini Pak-R Retail is compact, easy to operate and produces fit-for-purpose air cushions on an ad-hoc basis, ensuring the items remain well protected while out in transit.


Die-Cut Foam Boxes: a range of hinged, corrugated boxes, supplied with a pair of foam inserts, to offer premium protection during mailing and transit. Perfect for delicate items such as glass, jewellery and electronic components, each box is printed “Fragile Handle With Care” on the lid and comes fully assembled for speedy packing.

  • Parcel sealing

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Parcel tape: varying grades of low-cost, polypropylene carton-sealing tape are available from leading brands Vibac and 3M for all applications. What your customers may not know is that packaging tapes can be individually printed to their specification and can offer a cost-effective way for them to deliver their marketing message.


Postal wraps: all-around carefree package which is FSC certified and climate neutral – flexible wraparound packaging for books, CD’s, catalogues, calendars and much more besides. The self-sealing application saves time and additional sealing materials, and there is an integrated tear open strip for fast and easy opening. The wraps offer a variable packed depth up to 80mm and made from sturdy B-flute; offering strong corner protection and reinforced edges.

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