Packaging businesses large and small can now benefit from the free of charge auditing services of a Packaging Technologist, courtesy of Antalis Packaging. Packaging Technologists work with manufacturers, eRetailers, contract packers and logistics companies to review and analyse any aspect of their packaging operation to identify areas for improvements in efficiency, production and cost.

This free auditing service from Antalis Packaging will be delivered by Jason Poxon, the company’s first Packaging Technologist, who is currently gaining his Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology through The Packaging Society, one of the world’s most established bodies for packaging professionals.

By analysing the end-to-end packaging process, Jason will ensure businesses are utilising the best materials, operating optimum line configurations and maximising the use of automated machinery to streamline processes. In addition, carbon offset and FSC-certified products can be integrated in order to improve green credentials, as well as analysis of a brands customer experience to implement changes to packaging.

“One small change can often make a huge difference to the efficiency and cost of an operation,” explains Jason Poxon, Packaging Technologist at Antalis Packaging.

A typical day for Jason can involve visiting premises to pinpoint ‘pressure points’ within a packaging operation, and identify solutions that can offer ways to improve a customers’ profit margins.

Jason adds: “A large part of my daily routine is to objectively look at ways customers can reduce costs by introducing changes to their current output. For example, one customer was losing money due to hiring an excessive number of temporary staff to assemble boxes during peak periods. By introducing the company to self-erecting boxes, while there was a slight increase in unit cost for the materials, the company was able to significantly reduce its temporary staffing costs, which was costing around £400 per day.”

“The packaging assessment is so much more than just a sales call. At Antalis Packaging, we want to offer the highest-grade packaging supplies and machinery, that in turn improve your daily packaging processes and ultimately save you money,” concludes Jason.

To get in touch with Jason and arrange a free packaging assessment courtesy of Antalis, please email or call 0370 241 1466. You can also register for your free audit via the link below.