It’s great to get your packages out of the warehouse and into the world faster. But if the transportation process is an afterthought, it can come back and bite you. Pleasing customers should be at the forefront of your mind, and there’s nothing worse than getting your of pallets rejected or products returned because items have broken, or receiving complaints that damage your business’s reputation.

There are lots of ways to make sure your parcels are secure in transit and get delivered to your customers, fast. Here’s a few of them:

  1. Automation
    Introducing fully or semi-automated systems to your warehouse has multiple benefits. Not only can they help wrap pallets fast and free up warehouse space, but they can also ensure the products are packaged and sent on their way in a consistent and secure way, when compared to hand wrapping. For example, a stretch wrapper is a fast, reliable way to secure pallets ready for transportation, and also reduces workload compared to manual dispensers.
  2. Protective packaging
    Cushioning materials help protect packages that are subjected to stress from shocks, vibration, drops, tipping and compression. Void fill can be put into packages to prevent items from moving about during transit – for example, stuffing paper, air cushions, packing foam or loose fill. Alternatively, you can get bespoke designed cartons that fit snugly around whatever’s inside to get the same effect, but using less materials.
  3. Pallet security for secure goods in transit
    Pallets, non-slip papers, stretch films, corner protection brackets and strapping all help to keep loads stable during transportion. For example, anti-slip and interleaving paper offers better stability for these pallets, cover film protects against dirt and rain, and corrugated boxes designed to fit pallets perfectly keep each unit more stable. And as mentioned above, stretch films are a really good way to attach items to pallets securely.
  4. Corner protection
    It’s the corners and edges of packages that are most susceptible to damage during transport. But this is easily prevented with cushioning foam profiles, or environmentally-friendly edge guards.
  5. Bespoke box sealing
    Boxes can burst open during shipping if they’re not securely sealed. Strapping and adhesive tapes help with this, and come in a broad range. They can even include bespoke prints for theft protection, or include a tamper-evident design to help keep contents safe and secure.

Packaging your products securely is one way to keep customers happy and win repeat business. If you’d like to read more about how to speed up your packaging line securely, download this quick quide to read on your coffee break.