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Sustainability in Packaging: the buck stops where?

2019-11-11 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Sustainability sits at the top of the agenda for many companies, driven by greater awareness of environmental issues and consumer choice. But, the journey to maximising sustainability in packaging throughout the value chain needs a concerted and unrelenting effort from everyone – retailers, the industry, government and end-users. In this article, Packaging expert John Garner discuss the issues and how we can all work together to solve them.

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10 Tips for Planning a Successful Peak

2019-10-29 | John Garner | 0 Comments

Peak is always challenging and often throws in a few curve balls to test how well prepared a business is. It goes without saying that the better prepared you are, the better the position you will be in to manage whatever comes your way. But it’s easy to overlook some important factors that could be the key to ensuring success. Using our experience we’ve created 10 tips to help you get started and make sure this years Peak Season is the best one yet.

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5 ways investing in packaging automation could reduce your business costs

2019-09-24 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

If budgets are tight and the pressure is on to reduce costs, the last thing you might be considering is making a big business decision that will involve investing money. But, while there is no denying that packaging machinery would require some level of capital investment, evidence shows that any outlay is soon recouped through improved packing times and greater efficiency overall.

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Looking the business: 5 ways bespoke packaging can help to cut costs while keeping customers happy

2019-09-19 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Bespoke can often be seen as an expensive luxury, but when it comes to the choice between bespoke and off-the-shelf packaging, it’s a very different story. While opting for off-the-shelf packaging might seem like the most cost-effective option, delve a little deeper and you will discover hidden costs that could be eating away at your profits. An issue that bespoke packaging can solve and pay back in style.

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How to optimise your cube for efficient transportation

2019-08-16 | Jason Poxon | 0 Comments

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Antalis Smart Packaging Centre: One year in and over 50 customers’ challenges solved

2019-07-24 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

Since opening its doors just a year ago, Antalis’s Smart Packaging Centre has helped over 50 customers to find solutions to their packaging challenges.

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Top Tips on Packaging your Seasonal Uglies

2019-07-23 | John Garner | 0 Comments

Preparing your packaging for peak is challenging enough without those fragile and difficult to pack items. Discover top packaging tips to protect your seasonal ‘uglies’.

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Packaging efficiency: could automation provide the buffer businesses need during peak times?

2019-07-11 | Rebecca Tunstall | 0 Comments

The growth of online retail is no longer ‘news’ but finding ways to cope with the peaks and troughs in demand continues to be a challenge for many retailers and logistics businesses. It’s a challenge that some might feel is compounded by the continued uncertainty around Brexit and how that may affect the availability of casual labour that is often relied upon to cope with packing work during busy periods.

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