As Christmas creeps in, wrapping paper sales skyrocket and so does the consumer desire for pretty products for our loved ones. In this day and age, people love sharing their exciting festive goodies on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. What better way to market? It’s free and it’s effective.

Packaging can be so much more than just something to safely contain a product; packaging can be fun and functionable. And what’s more, often the quirkier or more attractive the exterior, the better the chance of people talking about your product or sharing it with friends. Here are a few bespoke packaging designs that caught our attention.

Cole & Weber United: Holiday Log

Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber United, Seattle

This packaging is made with logs of fresh pine which are milled to hold a wine bottle and a box of customised matched. This is a great shipping container for protecting the wine, but the container can also be used to light a fire for the coming winter holiday season. And as a nice bonus, it looks perfectly warm and wintery. I’ll take five!

Christmas tea packaging

By Kresimir Miloloza

A lovely warm cup of Christmas tea being held safely on the rim of your mug by a festive tree. What more could you wish for on the bitter winter nights? The trees that poke through the exterior of the box snap in half to create two cups of tea. It’s themed, functional, and designed to be shared with a friend. We love the simplicity of this one.

Innocent Smoothies Christmas knitted hats

Innocent takes part in The Big Knit each year, where they raise money for Age UK. Each bottle they sell with a tiny knitted hat on top will donate 25p to help keep older people warm and well this Winter. This is not only for a great cause, but it also personifies their smoothies, making them look adorable when they’re on the shelves. This perfectly reflects the warm, human branding that they’re so famous for, and encourages charitability in consumers over the gift-giving season.

Norsk Ol by Ryanna Christianson

Norsk Ol is a six pack alcoholic beverage. Based on research of Norwegian traditions and folklore, the bottle represent Norvegian “Nisse”, which is a lucky but myschevious mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore, typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season. Very festive!

Starbuck’s annual Christmas packaging

The amount of hashtags on Instagram labelled #starbuckschristmascups is huge. Each year these cups come around, people celebrate the arrival of the Christmas period. Starbucks have actually marketed their warming coffee around Christmas so well that people are anticipating these cups coming back.  Because when they do, it means the festivities have begun.

You too could create great-looking packaging. How about some festive bespoke inserts? Or some custom-printed tape that expresses well-wishes for the Christmas holidays?

Challenge us to create beautiful packaging your customers will be warmed by this Winter.