When your packaging process slows down, so does business. Slow packaging and dispatch causes multiple problems; it’s the cause of some of the main challenges Warehouse Managers and Production Managers face on a daily basis. However, automated systems can help with this struggle in so many ways.

Freeing up operatives lets them concentrate on packing more items, rather than manually building boxes (Here’s Jeremy Clarkson hilariously proving just how time-consuming that can be).

Case erector machines help speed up the process of erection and sealing drastically, with some even able to assemble 25 cases per minute. This is because they get rid of the need to manually pre-erect boxes prior to being packed.

With these case erectors, there’s less down-time as machine jams and transport damage are reduced by 50%. Lantech case erectors, for example, come in three different models that can all erect and tape case blanks without the unglued seams, damage and imperfections that block up other machines, causing massive delays. See the video below for an overview of this machine:

Key Features:

  • Faster, safer and more productive than manually formed cases
  • Erects cases with imperfect glue joints, eliminating machine jams
  • Pickup frame provides positive control of case
  • Overcomes common case manufacturing variation
  • Ergonomic design of powered magazine allows easy and consistent loading of blanks
  • Bottom flaps are folded while the case is held stationary in the pickup frame
  • Adjustment wheels, counters, and “help” chart make case adjustments easy to do
  • Compact, with a small footprint

What’s more, user-friendly automated tape application machines seal both the top and bottom of your pre-erected boxes — yep, you guessed it — automatically. Being easy to adjust for different case sizes and mobile enough to use flexibly, they really speed up sealing on different packing stations, on demand. This frees up yet more packing operatives, and not only makes the assembly faster, but much safer too.

Masterline 320 is one of the best box sealing machines for this job. It’s suitable for use in various industries such as logistics, retails, wholesalers, food, and contract packers, and is able to seal all kinds of cartons, really quickly.

Key Features:
Simple, safe, user-friendly operating
Easy to adjust for lots of different case sizes
Easy tape and dispenser replacement
Low maintenance and spare parts costs
Can be used in a mobile and flexible way
Wide range of carton sizes can be used
Adjustable tape tension, pressure, and knife

These machines also help by producing aesthetically consistent packages that are less likely to break and be returned. So this means you’re also keeping customers happy by reducing the need to repackage an item.

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