Cutting costs in packaging has a lot of factors. But one of the best ways to ensure you’re making savings is reducing the weight and volume of your parcels. Luckily, there’s loads of products available that are lightweight, but durable and strong. Which means you can cut costs without compromising on the quality of protection. Here’s a breakdown of the best lightweight packaging products around:

Mail Tuff™
These durable mailers are made with really tough, clean and lightweight polyethylene, which is designed for product protection and security. Luckily, they’re also tamper evident and available in 6 sizes. These all-purpose mailing envelopes are highly resistant to tearing and puncturing, and are not only waterproof but also opaque to ensure confidentiality and security.

Antalis Eco-Range Boxes
Each box in the range is enhanced with a heavy duty, single wall, corrugate offering the same protective qualities as a double wall. Better still, it’s also 100% carbon neutral. For every 1.5 tons of boxes sold, 4 trees are planted in a dedicated forest to offset the carbon produced. The box is made from FSC Certified Board, is 40% lighter than a double wall and allows for 40% more on a pallet.

Plastic Envelopes
Plastic envelopes are usually used with heavy duty co-extruded durable polythene, and come in a wide range of sizes. Polythene is a material that has high impact strength as well as low friction, but is also really lightweight. It’s puncture resistant, opaque, and waterproof. And it’s also entirely degradable and recyclable.

Jiffy Airkraft bags
Now this is the retail favourite; a lightweight, economical mailer that gives you all the protection you need with the added benefit of reduced postal costs. Jiffy Airkraft has a fully laminated lining of Jiffy bubble for extra strength and puncture resistance.

Jiffy Mailmiser bags
These premium bubble-lined postal bags with heavyweight performance are ideal for heavy duty, domestic and overseas mailings. With bubble cushions lined on the inside, they make sure that fragile items can be sent in the post in a safe yet cheap way. They’re also available in the standard range of ten sizes, in white and gold.

Corrugated padded envelopes
These are a range of rigid corrugated envelopes which are perfect for protecting your products or important documents from being damaged. They protect against dirt and dust, prevent whatever’s inside from being bent. They’re tough, while also being light, and are 100% recyclable.

Jiffy bags
The original Jiffy padded bag offers outstanding performance in burst strength, durability and cushioning. They have tough outer paper, with 100% recycled paper fibre lining and folded construction. The double-glued bottom flap and absent side seams provide high resistance against bursting and puncture. It’s pretty much the maximum protection for items you want to ensure arrive in perfect condition, and again, they’re 100% recyclable.

Masterline bubble envelopes
This is a stable, pliable mailing envelope made of gold or white kraft paper, with inner cushioning made of light polyethylene bubble wrap. These kinds of envelopes are ideal for mailing promotional items, CDs, DVDs, books, watches and jewellery. It’s a cost effective mailing solution that’s perfect for protecting your products against shocks and knocks.

Mail Lite® bubble envelopes
These bubble lined mailers are the only bubble lined mailers with AirCap® bubble material. They provide outstanding product protection while being especially light in weight. Perfect for those wanting to keep transit charges as low as possible, as they provide fantastic protection through the postal system whilst keeping the weight of your packages down.

Jiffy Super Lite
This is the newest addition to the respected Jiffy Mailer range. Super Lite is strong without being heavy due to the fully laminated construction with a caring, non-abrasive foam liner. This means you can protect your items from scratches while minimising mailing costs, as there are twice as many foam lines mailers packed in the same size box as a bubble lined mailer.

Dilite aluminium composite panel
Dilite is a lightweight but strong aluminium composite panel with a polyethylene core. It’s an economic decorative panel for interior and exterior flat application, and is supplied with a factory peel-off foil on both sides for ultimate protection of the coated surface. It’s also ideal for direct digital printing as it’s platinum white on both the front and reverse sides.

Jiffy Astro foam
This is a versatile, elastic, odourless, water-repellent, dirt-resistant, and heat-sealable foam roll that’s perfect for lighter surface protection. It’s available in a variety of thicknesses and widths to provide shock and scuff protection to a wide array of products. It also retains its shape to offer repeat protection, and is also extremely resistant to solvents, fuels, oils and other chemicals.

Whether your items are small or large, light or heavy, these are all fit-for-purpose, cost-effective packaging solutions that aim to meet the requirements of your supply chain without breaking the bank in transit. Download this free reducing packaging costs whitepaper to learn more ways of saving money.