Ecommerce is expected to grow in the UK by 84.5% from 2015 to 2020. This means the pressure on eRetail to create efficient and flexible packaging operations is becoming more and more important.

Getting your products to your customers securely and in perfect condition helps to maintain customer loyalty, revenue and reputation. And there are loads of effective solutions for whatever problem you might have. Whether it’s to reduce packaging costs, increase efficiency, or improve warehouse space optimisation. Using bespoke packaging can help with all these things, whilst improving the flexibility of your packaging process and brand awareness.

Here’s three of the best bespoke packaging solutions to consider:

Bespoke personal watermarking
ERetail packaging is becoming a really strong marketing tool. The most important people to your business are your customers. They’re having a huge impact on the development of packaging. Studies have shown that 33% of customers think of a business as unprofessional when they receive packaging that is poor, damaged or even boring. So what’s the point in spending time, effort and money developing your brand only to have it undone by e-commerce packaging that doesn’t impress your customers? Reports also state that 50% of consumers are likely to refuse delivery if the outer packaging is damaged or of poor quality.

This means you could introduce branding on your packaging to promote your business during transit, or even just to make the packaging a little more appealing. But of course, it has to remain strong and secure so the contents arrive safely to your customer.

Seems costly, doesn’t it? But there are easy ways to do this, like personalised printed tape with your own logo or company name. It’s an ideal way to get your marketing message across quickly and creatively at minimal cost.

Designed inserts and made-to-measure boxes
Another great bespoke solution is specially designed inserts to protect and support the packaged items. These could be specially cut foam layers that allow more to be packed into one box, helping you save space, reduce costs in transit and maximise efficiency.

Made-to-measure bespoke size boxes are also available to make sure your packages aren’t wasting space or materials. This helps to maximise your labour usage and improve space utilisation by allowing you to fit more boxes on each pallet.


The BoxSizer machine is designed to randomly size a corrugated box to fit the contents, in turn reducing the need for void-fill and allowing for savings of up to 80%. The bonus with this machine is that there’s no need to rationalise your current box selection, as you can use your existing standard boxes. It also folds, closes and seals the box for you, which helps you save labour time as well as space and money.

Geami WrapPak® is another handy solution providing an eco-friendly, fast, and cost effective alternative to bubble wrap. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, it uses recyclable materials which are as effective as bubble, while also providing an eye-catching presentation that’s appealing to the customer; it can even be used as a giftwrap! The unique honeycomb structure of the paper  gets rid of the need for tape, while being a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap.

So if your eRetail company is looking to impress customers, reduce costs, increase efficiency, or achieve all three, bespoke seems to be the best way to go.  For more information, download this free packaging process whitepaper.