Everyone knows that bubble wrap is fun. When a package comes protected in bubble wrap, it’s inevitable that the recipient will soon be bursting the air bubbles, inducing that oh so satisfying ‘pop’. And it’s not an exclusive game. Bubble wrap is for one and all, its appeal universal. Why else would today be Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Of course, bubble wrap wasn’t created to be a makeshift musical instrument or toy. In fact, it wasn’t even originally intended to be the perfect solution to protective packaging. Both of these functions were the result of a failed attempt in the 1950s to make 3D wallpaper. Bubble wrap therefore joins a fascinating and illustrious range of products that were accidentally invented, such as:

  • Penicillin: one of the most famous and important discoveries. Scientist, Sir Alexander Fleming, noticed that mould on a discarded Petri dish was killing the bacteria around it and voila! Antibiotics were born.
  • Matches: In early 19th century, a British pharmacist was scraping off dried chemicals from his mixing stick when sparks began to appear, leading the way to the invention of a simple controlled flame via a match.
  • Inkjet: Legend has it that an engineer once accidentally lent a hot iron on his pen, whereby the ink heated up and then jetted out of the pen, which set in motion the development of inkjet printing technologies.
  • Slinky: The slinky was originally devised by mechanical engineer Richard James as a helical spring system to keep ship equipment safe at sea. However, after knocking a spring off a shelf and seeing it move on its own accord, a new toy was invented.

There is more to Bubble Wrap than meets the eye

All the above inventions have influenced the world in one way or another, much like bubble wrap itself. Beyond its contribution to the packaging industry as a versatile cushioning packaging product, bubble wrap continues to inspire some truly weird and wonderful ideas and projects, such as jousting, scooter racing and paintballbubble wrap art and more – just check out this ’10 fun and funny ways to appreciate bubble wrap’ video for a compilation of bubble wrap madness!

However, bubble wrap’s primary role as a packing product is still by far its most significant, and there are many different types of bubble wrap to suit specific purposes. From large objects to small fragile items, it’s vital to select the right product to cost-effectively optimise protection for any packages. The Antalis air bubble film range covers all business needs and ideas, ensuring safe shipment of products, no matter where it is or where it’s going.

Join in the fun on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Be sure to follow us on Twitter via @AntalisPack to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, where we will be Tweeting our own bubble wrap ideas to celebrate the day and we invite you to join in the fun too. Merely grab some bubble wrap, create something that shows an interesting use of the product, take a photo or video, and Tweet us via our handle using #bubblewrapappreciationday – the best submission will win a luxury hamper.