I think I can confidently say that I am not alone when it comes to popping bubbles! As a child I could happily pop away for ages, far more exciting than anything the bubble may have been protecting. Now as an adult when I watch my 7 year old daughter pop away with delight I have to try and persuade her to “give it up” partly so I can have a go myself but also because my “packaging bug” has gone into overdrive and I desperately want to play “guess the manufacturer”. To the untrained eye all bubble wrap is the same – but no, Oh goodness no. There is much more to this packaging product than meets the eye.


“Bubble wrap is bubble wrap!” is a statement that makes me shudder – it is like most things – you get what you pay for. When you are as passionate about packaging as my colleagues and I are you know that all bubbles are not the same! That sounds like a washing powder advert, and we can joke about it, but when you are in the business of supplying quality product these so called bubbles which are little more than 2 layers of polythene with the occasional “poof” of air in the cells become a real annoyance.

As if the quality wasn’t bad enough then we get onto the price – it’s cheap, it’s really cheap – but its all the same isn’t it?? I am sure if you are a fellow packaging merchant who distributes branded product you are feeling my pain. I am sure if you are a user of bubble wrap within your business you are thinking either:

  1. What I buy does the job
    And if that’s the case that’s great because ultimately if your products are being protected, you have no service issues with your supplier, and you are buying at a price you are happy with, then all I can do is suggest that if this ever changes, or you would like to have your packing processes audited free of charge then I would love to hear from you.
  2. You could be thinking “actually I’m not overly happy with the product we use”
    Maybe for one of several reasons. You could be buying on price and the bubble just isn’t that good? Maybe you have always used bubble and nobody has ever discussed alternatives with you? Maybe you are quite happy with the way you package with your current product, but storage space is an issue?

These are all very valid concerns, ones that we hear every day. Luckily since bubble was invented 50 and a bit years ago, packaging solutions have evolved…a lot. As Product Manager for Antalis Packaging it is my responsibility to ensure that we have all the solutions we need to fulfil our customers’ requirements. We stock and distribute the leading quality brands. We also ticked the space saving box when we introduced the 200m length rolls of Aircap brand which are uniquely wound, meaning 1 roll 200m long takes up a lot less space than 2 rolls of 100m length. However, the most important thing – and for the love of bubble wrap, forgive me, are the alternative system solutions we can supply. Not only can we supply, but we have a whole systems division set up to handle it, and they aren’t a new team – they have been doing this for years.

I don’t want to be a traitor to my beloved bubble, but the air cushion systems that are out there are fabulous! Although the cushions are a lot harder to pop, which from a cushioning perspective is great but from a fun perspective is rubbish. There are so many options, different manufacturers, different bag sizes, many to rent, some to buy – it’s a bit of a minefield! Luckily for the customers, distributors such as us do all the hard work in providing the most appropriate solution. A really good distributor such as Antalis (not wanting to blow our trumpet but I am very proud to work for Antalis) will calculate pack costs using bubble and show the costings of using an alternative solution, giving the customer a full understanding of how much packaging their product costs, how it can be better protected, and how they can be more efficient.

Thank you for reading my post. Should you have any comments, questions or business requirements then I look forward to hearing from you.