The online retail revolution has driven rapid growth in ecommerce over recent years, and this trend is set to continue. As such, retailers, logistics companies and manufacturers alike are looking for new and smarter ways to pack product for delivery, ensuring it arrives safely in to the hands of the customer. On demand packing solutions offer the latest technologies in product packaging and protection, and air cushion systems are no exception.

Air cushion machines give you the flexibility to produce a range of air cushions on demand, at the exact point they are needed in the packaging process. There are many benefits to using this type of technology. Below we run through the top 5.

1. Space saving

Air cushions are supplied as a roll of film which remains flat until inflated. Typically, one roll of uninflated film taking up less than 1sqft creates 850m2 of cushioning when inflated. This is the equivalent of storing 11 large bales of bubble wrap requiring 37sqft.

2. Recyclable

Most air cushion films are 100% recyclable to improve your green credentials

3. Light weight

98% of the product is pure air. Therefore no extra weight is added to the carton or pallet, allowing you to keep transit costs as low as possible.

4. Versatile

Air Cushion Machines produce a variety of cushion types, making them suitable for a wide range of applications from cushioning and wrapping to corner protection. This wide array of configurations makes the system suitable for protecting virtually any product and lining any interior.

5. Easy to use

The systems are easy to use and can be added to your current delivery packing line. The size and robust performance of the machines also make them ideal for movement between multiple packing lines, where different configurations are required.

At Antalis Packaging we have recently introduced a new range of Air Cushion Machines and films to our portfolio of packaging systems. The Mini Pak’R Retail, Mini Pak’R Industrial and Pro Pak’R range will allow those from SME businesses through to large corporations to effectively and efficiently utilise air cushions as void fill for their packaging operations.

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