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How we helped Ansell Lighting reduce the cost of its packaging material by 30%



Ansell Lighting is market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality luminaires for the commercial, domestic, industrial and architectural markets. Between 2011 and 2018, its annual turnover grew from £1 million to £100 million.

Due to this significant growth Ansell Lighting’s packing and logistics needed to make improvements to cope with the increase in demand. In particular, space in its warehouse and packing area was tight and its spend on packaging materials, most notably void fill, was very high.

Following an initial meeting with Ansell Lighting, Antalis Packaging recommended a Smart Packaging Audit be carried out in order to fully understand the business’s existing operation, its aims, and the issues it was currently facing. Ansell Lighting’s directors also visited Antalis’ Smart Packaging Centre where they were shown examples of what they could achieve with both their packaging choices and their operation set-up.


In undertaking a review of its operation, Ansell Lighting hoped to achieve three important objectives:

Improve void-fill efficiency

The packing of the company’s delicate, high quality lighting products requires great care, and void fill is ‘a must’ if products are to reach their destination in perfect condition. Ansell Lighting was using paper void fill, which is bulky to store, and was taking up considerable warehouse space. It affected packing efficiency as packers had to regularly leave their workstation to replenish supplies. Paper void fill is also heavy, which can lead to increased delivery costs.

Improve workstation efficiency and appearance

The inefficiencies of paper void fill were compounded by the company’s packing benches, which were no longer fit for purpose. They also looked untidy – it was not a space the company wanted to show off to its visiting customers.

Improve communication of environmental messaging

The company was also keen that its operation is as environmentally friendly as possible They wanted to ensure it was using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, and that it was communicating this to the end user whilst, at the same time, encouraging them to recycle or dispose of any packaging responsibly.


Switch from paper void fill to on-demand air cushioning

Antalis’s packaging experts recommended switching to on-demand air-cushioning in the form of the Mini Pak’R, by FP International. These simple-to-use machines feed polythene air bags through a hopper that fills them with air to whatever length required. Plus, the bags can be branded and/or printed on, for example, with recycling information – both options were taken up by Ansell Lighting.

Customised packing benches

The Mini Pak’Rs were fixed to customised packing benches that Antalis’ team designed in conjunction with Spaceguard, a UK manufacturer of industrial workbenches and workspace solutions. The new packing benches accommodate all the tools and materials the packers need – from the boxes, to packaging tape – all in efficient, easy-to-access places on the bench.

A conveyor system has also been installed to make it easier and safer to move packages through the warehouse.

Further efficiencies and improvements to the overall look of the warehouse and packing area were achieved with the introduction of new Ansell branded trolleys used for transporting goods around the warehouse.

Ansell Lighting new packaging benches and void fill solution

Environmentally-friendly packaging

The company’s drive to use more environmentally-friendly packaging was further supported with a switch from polypropylene to paper packaging tape, and the introduction of recycled grade cartons that have a message printed on them asking the end user to dispose responsibly.

All from one supplier

In addition to taking full advantage of Antalis Packaging’s expertise and access to its full product and service solutions, Ansell Lighting has also moved to source cut-size A4 office paper from Antalis, which means the company has been able to reduce its number of suppliers and goods-in deliveries.



The switch to on-demand air cushioning has resulted in numerous benefits for Ansell Lighting: besides saving the packers from having to constantly replenish materials, the air bags are fully recyclable and, being 99% air, they are helping to reduce pack weight and transport costs. The un-inflated rolls of air bags take up half of the space of paper, so they are further saving warehouse space.

By taking up the recommendations of Antalis’s packaging experts, the company has been able to reduce the cost of its packaging materials by approximately 30%.

With the introduction of its new, customised packing benches, more efficient and environmentally-friendly packaging materials, and consistent, co-ordinated branding throughout, Ansell Lighting’s operation is not only more effective, but it is also a space where it can show its customers how efficient it is, too.

John Tucker, Warehouse Manager of Ansell Lighting, commented, “After visiting the Antalis Packaging Centre we were impressed by what they were capable of helping us to achieve. It was clear that they are experts in packaging efficiencies. They took the time to understand our business and our goals – they even pointed out inefficiencies in our operation that we weren’t aware of. The result is significant. We’re saving money, our staff are happier, we’ve reduced our environmental impact, and we now have a business that we are proud to show off to our customers.”


  • Antalis Packaging gave Ansell Lighting tangible packaging solutions helping them to save approximately 30% on materials
  • Ansell Lighting has improved its packaging and logistics efficiency and reduced cost
  • Introduction of Environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Customised packing benches make for a better and more efficient environment
  • Improved workstation efficiency and corporate appearance
  • Freed up warehouse space
  • Antalis also supplies cut paper to Ansell – reducing suppliers
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