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The company is a worldwide brand, shipping thousands of products every day across the globe. It is essential that their products reach their customers in perfect condition, at the right time, and at the best price.

Achieving maximum efficiencies throughout the packaging supply chain

Dedicated to the sale of various company-branded items, its central European Distribution Centre, based in Lutterworth, UK, handles all online fulfilment across the whole of Europe and South Africa.

They needed a reliable, one-stop packaging supplier that could deliver a range of packaging solutions on time and in the quantities required, but also introduce new and innovative packaging products, technologies and processes to ensure maximum efficiencies throughout the packaging supply chain at minimum cost.


Innovative packaging to streamline operations and improve staff productivity

The first step was to source the packages within an extremely tight deadline, which Antalis was able to meet.

Antalis Packaging was then able to take the time to audit the company’s operation to see how it could help to streamline operations, improve staff productivity and increase cost efficiencies while providing the best solution for the company and the needs of its customers.

The system currently in place in Lutterworth is a manual carton assembly line, with Antalis Packaging introducing crash lock cartons with new orientation. Antalis Packaging recommended a number of solutions, but chose this option due to the reduction in costs on the packaging operation as a whole.

Antalis Packaging introduced a selection of ‘0201’ box-style prototypes, which they had adapted and reconfigured to allow for more products to fit in each of the boxes and for more cartons to fit on to each pallet. In addition, by introducing a ‘crash lock’ bottom to the carton design, although it increased the unit price of each box by 35%, it resulted in increased processing times, making it three times quicker for packing operatives to complete each box.

Recognising the cost and efficiency benefits of the new carton sizes, the company could see the overall cost saving in processing efficiency, so swiftly accepted the new cartons.


Significant cost savings, without impacting on its worldwide brand reputation

Today, Antalis Packaging delivers around 1.5 million pre-printed corrugated boxes and cartons annually, as well as an array of complimentary packaging items such as mailing bags, air-cushions, polythene bags and hand stretch wrap films.

A near 24/7 level of customer service, with Account Manager John Garner on hand at all times, has helped the Antalis team to win the trust and confidence of the client to the extent that when the contract came up for renewal, the client was happy not to take its business out to tender, but to remain loyal to Antalis.

By introducing the company to innovative packaging ideas, new systems and new products, Antalis has delivered more than just an ‘off the shelf’ solution. It has added significantly to the client’s logistical packaging operations.

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