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As Production Manager, you’ll demand a packaging process that runs smoothly and efficiently, within your agreed budget and with minimal disruption. A process that isn’t streamlined will create challenges:


Low staff productivity

If you have a high staff turnover and variations in skill and experience, it’s important to use a packaging solution that makes the process quick and easy for your employees to maintain a consistent package quality.



A solution that isn’t efficient and effective can make it difficult to deal with peaks in demand. Packaging processes that can be adapted and sped up when required allow you to get your orders out to customers on time and in perfect condition.


High costs

An inefficient packaging process can lead to damaged and lost products, storage costs, as well as higher costs in the long run as a result of slower packing times.

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Streamline your process with faster and simpler packaging solutions


Complete range of packaging materials and solutions

At Antalis Packaging we offer an extensive range of packaging products to suit your requirements, whether you’re packing, protecting, storing or transporting your goods. Choose from a vast selection of market-leading products created to make your packaging process simpler and quicker for your workers. This will help increase productivity while at the same time maintaining quality. One example is the crash lock bottom box which is easy and quick to assemble, and it doesn’t require tape to seal the bottom.



Our in house packaging systems engineers and maintenance team are dedicated to finding the right level of automation for your business. From individual machines such as pallet wrappers and case erectors, to bespoke designed packaging systems, all of our solutions are designed to transform your packaging operation into an efficient and effective process.


Custom built solutions

If you’re looking for a unique packaging solution for your business, our dedicated Packaging Technologist will work with you to design and build a solution tailored-made to your requirements. The process starts with a free packaging audit to evaluate your entire packaging operation, and identify where improvements can be made to your materials, systems and process.

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How Schuh achieved production line efficiencies

“We’ve really noticed a difference since the introduction of the Lantech systems. This was a process previously done by hand, so now we can process more product, and increase load security speeding up operations for despatch.”
Donald Hutchison, Logistics Manager at Schuh. 

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