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Optimise your packaging operation

We supply innovative packaging machinery from stand-alone options to fully automated packaging solutions, all tailored to your business needs.

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Antalis’s machinery know-how is delivered by our expert-leading packaging equipment division, who for over 25 years have specialised in selling packaging machinery and creating fully-automated solutions to solve some of the most complex challenges.

All of this has been achieved through the application of unrivalled experience, engineering skill and industry know-how, combined with high quality equipment.

Whether you are looking to bring machinery or automation in to your business for the first
time, or you want to build on the solution you already have in place, there’s no doubt that
this route offers many benefits to your business.

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Sustainable Solutions

Antalis machinery wraps your products efficiently and to a consistent quality, meaning better use of materials and a reduction in waste. Some machines also create packaging material on demand which leads to less materials needing to be stored in the Warehouse.

Cost Savings

Cost savings are achieved through the more efficient use of packaging materials and the generation of less waste. Machinery also improves operational efficiency which cuts labour costs and dramatically improves health and safety.

Minimise damage & loss

Packaging machinery allows you to pack your products consistently and to a high quality, both in the box and on the pallet. Making your products secure and well protected during delivery.

Speed up packing

Packaging machinery and automation will speed up the packing of your products. Making your operation more efficient and responsive to your production demands.

DIY Distribution

UK-based DIY Distribution Company

After calling on the services of our Machinery team, our DIY distribution client was able to reduce waste, improve health and safety and cut costs by over 60%.

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Every one of our team are packaging experts, we can help you save money without compromising on quality, achieve production line efficiency and effectiveness.
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