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We supply innovative packaging machinery from stand-alone options to fully automated packaging solutions, all tailored to your business needs.

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Machinery is available to support every step of your packaging operation

This includes pallet wrapping, case erecting and sealing, cushioning and void-fill, strapping, and more. All from the world’s leading packaging brands such as Lantech, Sealed Air, Ranpack and FP International. You can also choose to have a fully bespoke solution designed to your needs and budget.

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Pallet Stretch Wrappers

We have an extensive range of pallet wrappers covering semi and fully automatic machines, to robot and mobile wrapper options to suit every application. Retrofit accessories are also available to optimise your new machine.

Machine benefits:

  • Speed up wrapping: our machines offer wrapping speeds of up to 180 pallets per hour
  • Improve load stability: loads are better contained and evenly wrapped to improve stability
  • Reduce costs: high levels of stretch on the film and a consistent wrapping process delivers materials savings
  • Improve health and safety: pallet wrappers remove the need for bending and lifting when wrapping a pallet

Carton Handling and Packing Machines

We have a complete range of machinery to support your case handling needs. From Case Erectors that automatically build a flat packed box, to Case Packers and Sealers that add the contents to the box, close and seal it ready for delivery.

  • Speed up carton erecting: machines offer production speeds of 10 – 22 boxes a minute
  • Better presentation: boxes are erected squarely and to a consistent quality for better presentation
  • Reduce costs: cost efficiencies achieved through automation of case erection
  • Improve health and safety: machines remove the need to manually build, pack and seal boxes
  • Labour efficiencies: machines automatically erect, pack and seal boxes to create labour efficiencies
Case erectors and sealers

Automated Packaging Systems

Our Automated Packaging Systems allow you to create right-sized corrugated packaging on demand, ready for delivery. Our solutions can either build the box around your product, or crease and fold the box to the height of your item(s), eliminating the void. The machines are ideal where you are shipping lots of different sized items or collation of products.

Machine benefits:

  • Reduce material consumption:machines produce right-sized packaging that eliminates the need for void-fill
  • Improve space utilisation:because packing fits your items perfectly, you can store or ship more packages in the same space
  • Reduces your carbon footprint:you’ll have fewer lorries on the roads, produce less waste and eliminate excess packaging
  • Cut costs:through reduced materials usage and lower storage and transport costs

Void fill and Cushioning Systems

A range of air, paper and foam systems created to produce void fill and cushioning on demand, when and where it’s needed. This minimises the need to store bulky alternatives and in turn reduces storage space.

Machine benefits:

  • Space saving: on-demand production means the packaging product can be created at the time of use, saving on space and also reducing carbon footprint
  • Cost savings: through reduced use of packaging materials and waste reduction
  • Environmental: recyclable and environmentally friendly materials available
  • Damage reduction: solutions offer consistent packaging quality and maximum protection for even the most delicate items

Strapping Machines

Our range of strapping equipment is ideal for applying strapping to secure a box or collation of packages. With options ranging from hand strapping devices to table and automatic strapping machines, you can choose the right solution for your operation. All machines offer quick application, are versatile and produce secure strapping.

Machine benefits:

  • Quick and easy: machines allow you to apply strapping quicker and more securely to packages
  • Improve health and safety: machines either reduce the need for manual intervention and/or are ergonomically designed for smooth application
  • Versatile: machines have an adjustable strapping tension and are mobile to allow for movement between packing stations

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