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Packaging solutions for
Online Retailers

Antalis’s packaging knowhow helps you get your products to your customers quickly, securely and looking great. Which will help maintain customer loyalty, your brand reputation, and increase revenue.


Create efficient and flexible online retail packaging that looks great and performs brilliantly

With ecommerce in the UK expected to grow by 84.5% (2015 – 2020)* as a percentage of total retail, combined with seasonal peaks in demand, the pressure on online retailers to create efficient and flexible packaging operations is ever increasing.

  • The consequences of an inefficient operation are:
  • Damages – leading to returns and a poor customer experience
  • Lost products – resulting in additional cost for replacement items
  • Poorly packaged items – causing customer dissatisfaction and negative publicity
  • Changes in demand – packaging operation needs to be flexible to accommodate peaks in demand and ensure products get to customers on time
  • Price pressures – packaging operation needs to be efficient and as cost effective as possible.

Reduce your costs

We can introduce new materials or systems that allow items to be packed quicker, through to solutions that can reduce damages and remove the associated costs.

Increase efficiency

We carry out a full audit of your packaging and recommend areas where we can help speed up your process, whether this is by introducing more effective materials or automated systems.

Increase demand

Our teams of experts provide support with advanced planning to help you meet seasonal demands and ensure your products get out the doors and to your customers.


Anna Roper,
Marketing Manager at Brewhive

“We’re delighted with the outcome of our solution which has resulted in a 50% reduction in consumables costs for Brewhive by introducing the new cartons…”

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How it works


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Packaging Experts

Our packaging experts work with you to gain a full understanding of your business, your goals, and current packaging process, to identify areas for improvement.

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Packaging Technologist

Our in house packaging technologist will then develop and implement a packaging solution tailored to your needs and application. This may include the materials that your products are packaging in and/or the systems that help to speed up and improve your current operation.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Each and every client has a dedicated account manager who is there to provide ongoing support throughout your relationship with us. We are always on the lookout for new ways in which we can improve your packaging operation with the latest innovations and market leading products.

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