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Managing packaging solutions for storage and transit requirements

As a Warehouse or Logistics Manager you’ll be juggling many tasks on a daily basis. This includes ensuring products are protected during storage and transit, to getting orders out on time and in full, while at the same time balancing packaging stock levels with available warehouse space. This can be a huge task, and if your process isn’t as efficient as you’d like, it can cause some challenges:

Late or incomplete deliveries

Order levels and delivery requirements can change daily, particularly around peak months. To manage the change in demand effectively, you need an efficient packaging solution to make sure you have enough packaging materials available and your packing process is quick and easy.


Damage and loss of goods

Effective and good quality packaging is needed to prevent products from being damaged or lost during transit. Products that are lost or damaged lead to replacement items being sent, which causes hidden costs to creep up.


Lack of warehouse space

Some packaging products are bulky to store and take up valuable warehouse space. This may lead to difficulty finding available space to stock the packaging products required to meet demand.

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Optimise materials, storage and transport with efficient packaging solutions


Build a flexible packaging operation

At Antalis Packaging we offer an extensive range of packaging products and machinery to suit your requirements. Whether you’re packing, protecting, storing or transporting your goods, choose from a vast selection of market leading products, machinery and systems created to make your packaging process simpler and quicker for your workers, all while maintaining quality. One example is the semi-automatic pallet wrapper which can wrap pallets at a speed of 25 – 40 pallets per hour.


Minimise damage and loss

Our packaging products and solutions are design to provide effective protection for your products. There are lots of options available to you, including a variety of cushioning and void-fill systems, boxes with enhanced corrugated walls, custom tapes and pallet stretch wrapping machines that improve load security. Our packaging experts work with you to choose the right protective packaging solution for your business.


Optimise your warehouse space

We have many packaging solutions and services available to help you free up valuable space in your warehouse. Our wide product range includes some of the latest developments in packaging systems and materials, which are designed to take up less space compared to the traditional alternatives. We also offer a stock holding service and smart delivery options to give you added flexibility should your packaging requirements change.

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How The Book People made savings on materials, storage and transport

“Overall the machine has eliminated 50% of the packaging materials we were using before. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce packaging storage by as much as 100 pallets because the material used is flat-packed”
Wayne Spencer, Head of E-Commerce Logistics, The Book People

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